Friday, February 25, 2011


it hurts so much when i see have no idea how bad i miss talking to were my love and my bestfrend..but now i'm forbidden to speak to you..yes,it was for a good reason on my bf's part but it still hurt...
just when i think i've got things figure out,i find something to get my hopes up for and even through i know it will end in tears,i still fight for it and some day,i hope i will learn that everything is not as good as it seems.
And when you failed once don't get upset you have to lighten up and keep on moving cause you always have a second chance to do it right.i guess that's what saying goodbye is always like-like jumping off an edge.The worst part is making the choice to do it.Once you're in the air,there's nothing you can do but let it go.

 peace NO warrr! :)

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