Saturday, April 16, 2011

the first after its over n yeahh guyss you rock!haha

great and owesome! ahha yess semalam going out with my boys classmate which is katang2 boys bak efy calls..haha efy, anem n first dte whith syahirazfar..sngt seronok dan gembira..and,and tak sngka dpt hang jgk dngn bdk.bdk lelaki 5 sc 3..cewahhh..haha btw hilman tak join,,emm its okay next tyme bolay lg kn ..:) and even ak ta bnyk spend tyme dngn korang tp ak tahu korang sngt best n ta abs.abs begelak  ketawe kn.ohh yahhh the most importan thng DILARANG MASUK such a f****** damn bored movie that i ever watch.! haha bapak laaa..baik tido je blik rumah..:D anem thanks also cz jln.jln dngn sye da lme ta jln besame
n kpda si dia..yess i really appreciate it! n im too happy okay :) iloveyou and i really doo..! opsss ..<3